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Join us as an Underwriter of the FutureStructure Special Report & Summit Program for:
  • Underwriter visibility and a one-page custom solutions piece in a FutureStructure Special Report, which will be distributed to subscribers of Governing and Government Technology magazines. Our editors will also interview your subject expert as they prepare the report.
    • FutureStructure SpecialReport I: Water, Waste & Energy | June 2014 - complete
    • FutureStructure Special Report II: Transportation & Infrastructure | December 2014

  • Sponsor visibility and participation in a FutureStructure Summit: We have two Summits planned for 2014. Speaking and non-speaking sponsor roles are available.
  • Underwriter visibility and leads from the Special Report research findings webinar
    • FutureStructure Summit I: Water, Waste & Energy | September Webinar
    • FutureStructure Summit II: Transportation & Infrastructure | December Webinar

  • Year-long visibility and branding via our dedicated FutureStructure website and in multiple promotions for each component of the program.

  • Minimum Lead Generation: 300

Contact us here to connect with America’s FutureStructure decision makers and position your organization as a thought leader and resource for state and local governments.

If you wish to speak to someone immediately, please call 916-932-1300 or email akleinbardt@governing.com